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Lemon Honey Jewellery is a Danish brand, designed and made with love in Copenhagen.


Since I graduated as a goldsmith in 2010, I have been designing and making jewellery for customers from a little boutique in Copenhagen. In 2018 I decided to make my own brand, and the name Lemon Honey was suggested by my boyfriend, because it was his nickname for me and I loved it. 

I wish to contribute to the buy less, choose well mindset by making jewellery that are meant to last. The gold is 18 karat solid gold and the silver is sterling silver, all recycled and nothing goes to waste. The diamonds are ethically sourced and the pearls are sustainable farmed. I buy only from small and local suppliers that I trust.

You will find the jewellery in a few selected stores and on this webshop. 

Every piece is handcrafted and therefore unique, and I hope you will appreciate the little signs of love in your very own piece of Lemon Honey Jewellery.

Feel free to reach out any time!

Hugs from Sarah, goldsmith and jewellery designer.